Power of 2
(Ferris Wheel Style)

💸 Money Loves Speed 💸


Please Email me at

" cydneybuckman@gmail.com "

to Let me know How many Positions you would like.

Please type in the

SUBJECT: Power of 2 EXTRA Positions.

Please Note: Each Position will be under a Different Sponsor!

Thank you!

Together, we can Bless as Many People as we possibly can!

♥️ Our Team's Mission & Blessings ♥️

Our Power of 2 Team’s Goals are to Receive Continually so We can BLESS as Many People as we Possibly can to have the following:

  1. Food on their Tables;
  2. Roofs over their Heads;
  3. Love in their Hearts ♥️;
  4. Be in Good Health;
  5. Have Clean Drinking water; and
  6. Receive an Abundance of Financial Prosperity.

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