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Notary Public Commission

Name:                   CYDNEY BUCKMAN

License type:        Notary Public

License:                 23013491

Expiration Date:  4/21/2027

Licensed and Bonded as per

the State of Washington.

American Association of Notaries

Membership No.: 1441363

Notary Fee Schedule 

Updated December 30, 2022

I am Remote Online Notary (RON) Certified to use the BlueNotary platform.

General Notary Fees: 

  • One notarization seal by my invitation (after our Call) - $22 ($3 of that is used to cover cost of Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) +ID processing)
  • Additional seals - $4
  • Additional signer - $0
  • Witness as a Service - $5

Cydney Buckman

Virtual Notary Public

During This Free Call...

I'll explain what will happen during the call.

  1. We will introduce ourselves;
  2. You will let me know which Documents you need to have Notarized;
  3. I will send you an Invite via BlueNotary;
  4. I will answer questions regarding Uploading your Document(s); and
  5. We can complete the process in a timely manner, usually about 15 minutes to 30 if we notarize right then and there!

PLEASE NOTE: I am not allowed to give Legal Advice or explain what the Documents mean.

And I am not a Certified Loan Signing Agent... yet.

We do not want to waste each other's time.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Please have the Documents ready so that I will know if I can Notarize them or not.

Also, please have your Government-issued ID card ready as well.

And have in mind the best day and time for you to have your Documents notarized. 

What Happens During the Call

Please have your Government-issued identification card ready to Upload, such as a State driver's licenses, non-driver's IDs, and federal passports that contain the bearer's recent photograph, as well as the individual's signature.

Please Note: Social Security cards, credit cards, temporary driver's licenses and driver's licenses without photographs are not accepted.

There is a Chance during the Call

There is a chance during the call that I might be able to notarize your Documents right then and there!


Ideally you want to have your Documents notarized in a timely manner. That is always best so that you can deliver them to the person that requested you have them notarized originally.

About Cydney Buckman

I take pride in having a strong work ethic, the ability to organize, prioritize, and pay attention to detail with efficiency while handling time sensitive materials with confidentiality.

- I am working on becoming Certified as a Loan Signing Agent;

- 03/2001 to 02/2007: Cydney Buckman, Legal Document Assistance, Owner, Eureka, CA. Humboldt Co. LDA # 01-002, Exp. 07/23/07; and

- 2002 to 2006: Notary Public in the State of California

Licensed and Bonded as per the State of Washington.

American Association of Notaries

Membership No.: 1441363

FAQ regarding Remote Online Notarization (RON) and which States allow RON?

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Remote Online Notarization (RON). 

If a Certified RON Notary lives in a state that has authorized the practice and has rules in place then the Certified RON Notary may perform remote notarizations. If a state has not authorized RON — or has authorized it but has not put rules in place — then a Notary is not authorized to perform remote notarizations.


Remote Online Notarization (RON) has made it easier to create, edit, eSign, and notarize documents at your convenience from wherever you work.

RON services allow the notary and signing parties to meet online via a two-way audio-visual connection to complete a notarization rather than requiring the signers and notary to meet in person. This ultimately saves the time and costs often associated with traditional in-person notarization.

As face-to-face services waned during the pandemic (and interest rates dropped to historic levels), demand increased in the real estate market and so did the demand for remote online notarization (RON). According to an ALTA survey, RON transactions increased 547% in 2020 compared to 2019. Moving past lockdowns, it looks like online notarization is here to stay as more and more states pass laws authorizing RON.

Remote notarization authorized in Washington State:

On March 16, 2021, permanent rules authorizing remote notarization went into effect in the state of Washington. The remote notarization legislation passed in the 2019 legislative session. This follows a national trend of states authorizing this practice.

Can a notary notarize anywhere in the US?

Yes, a notary can legally notarize out-of-state documents as long as they are acting within the boundaries of their jurisdiction and in accordance with all local state requirements.

What states allow online notary in 2023?

Currently, these states have adopted permanent Remote Online Notarization (RON) laws:

1. Alaska, 

2. Arizona, 

3. Arkansas, 

4. Colorado, 

5. Florida, 

6. Hawaii, 

7. Idaho, 

8. Illinois, 

9. Indiana, 

10. Iowa, 

11. Kansas, 

12. Kentucky, 

13. Louisiana, 

14. Maine, 

15. Maryland, 

16. Massachusetts, 

17. Michigan, 

18. Minnesota, 

19. Missouri, 

20. Montana, 

What states allow online notary in 2023? (continued)

21. Nebraska, 

22. Nevada,

23. New Hampshire,

24. New Jersey, 

25. New Mexico, 

26. New York, 

27. North Carolina, 

28. North Dakota, 

29. Ohio, 

30. Oklahoma, 

31. Oregon, 

32. Pennsylvania, 

33. South Carolina, 

34. South Dakota, 

35. Tennessee, 

36. Texas, 

37. Utah, 

38. Vermont, 

39. Virginia, 

40. Washington, 

41. West Virginia, 

42. Wisconsin, and

43. Wyoming.

States that don’t allow online notary in 2023:

1. Connecticut (however, the state recognizes online notarizations that are legally performed by notaries in other states),

2. California (does not allow any kind of remote online notarization services at this time),

3. Delaware (however, there is currently nothing in Delaware statutes that prohibits an individual or business from using a remote notary from states who permit remote notarization),

4. District Of Columbia (does not allow any kind of remote online notarization services at this time), and

5. Georgia (temporarily authorized remote online notarization services, however this authorization has expired).

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